Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

      Blue Red Bronze Turkeys


 I have developed a strain of turkeys that we are calling "Blue Red Bronze" they are a much richer red color overall than any Lilac or Red Slate lines I've seen.

They are bronze based with a single slate and red gene. Genotype (b+b+DdRr).

 They have a rich solid red tail with thin blue barring throughout the length of the tail ending in a wide blue band with a creme tip,this color/pattern also extends into the smaller body feathers as well, while the wing feathers only have a slight barring pattern with a reddish coloration and just a hint of blue.

Several results are possible when breeding these: Blue Red Bronze, Bourbon Red, Lilac, Slated Buff, Red Slate, Bronze and Red Bronze. 



 The following pics are a few feather examples of the blue red bronze             

(above pic) Blue Red Bronze tail feathers)

Note the thin blue barring all thruout the length of the tail.








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