Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Blue Palm


 The Blue Palm actually comes in two different color forms, Slate Blue Palm and a Self Blue(aka Lavender) Palm.  Due to the nature of the slate gene, when breeding slate blue palms together 3 color types will be produced, slate blue palm, self blue (Lavender) palm and royal palm.

One way to get 100% blue palms would be to breed a self blue palm tom to slate blue palm hens, or the opposite, slate blue palm tom to self blue palm hens, then only blue palms will result in both blue palm color types, with no royal palms being produced.

Self Blue (Lavender)Palms will breed true bred to the same. These are a bit paler blue than the single slate gene type.

Genotype for Slate Blue Palm: b1b1cgcgDdngng (toms) or ng-(hens) Genotype for Self Blue (Lavender) Palm: b1b1cgcgDDngng (toms) or ng- (hens)

Black winged bronze based with gray (aka palm),slate and narragansett genes.   Approx. weights:  Old toms 22 lbs and Old hens 12 lbs

(Above pic) Self Blue Palm aka Lavender Palm


(Above)  Slate Blue Palm


  (above) Young Blue Palms, approx. 12-14 weeks of age  


Feather color/pattern