Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Chocolate Slate


            Yet another creation we have developed a "Chocolate Slate" !

Genotype: BBDdee for toms and BBDde- for hens. 

Black based with a single slate gene and the addition of brown genes.

These look basically like a blue slate except the normal areas of random black splashes are replaced with brown splashes on a blue base color.

When breeding these three results will occur which is sort of similiar to a typical Blue Slate breeding. 

The Chocolate Slate will produce three colors: 

Chocolate Slate, a pale Self Blue and Chocolate. The latter two will breed true.

Weights: Old Toms approx. 33 lbs. Old Hens 18 lbs.






      Just Hatched                                     1 week of age.