Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Mottled Black

                             We developed this strain of Mottled Blacks , other lines also have bronze and or red colored feathers mixed in as well but our line is only black and White spotted.Each white feather has small to large random black spotting. Their feathers resemble that of the immature Bald Eagle.Our feather buyers use these as eagle substitutes in their Native American style craft projects.This has been our goal in breeding these for years, as we want a bird that has feathers that are almost identical to an eagle and we have done it with these. They breed 50% true to color/pattern, also producing a low number of royal palms, marbled blacks as well as marbled and mottled silvers.

The amount of spotting a bird gets will increase after each moult, they will reach their maximum spotting potential by their third year.

They are on a heterozygous black/black winged bronze base (Bb1) , homozygous for gray (cgcg) and narragansett (nn/n-)

 Mottled black genotype: Bb1cgcgnn/n-  

Approx. weights: Old Toms 25 lbs. Old Hens 12 lbs.



                             Nicely patterned Mottled Black groups    




 Individual feather examples showing the black & white spotted pattern.