Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

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Breeder's Choice Turkey Poult  Assortment

****Early Bird Special****
 $9.99 each and free priority mail shipping on orders placed by the end of September to ship next May. 

We are now booking poult orders for the 2019 season.

We are offering assorted batches only of "Our Choice" on what is included in each shipment
Each order could include pure as well as crossed varieties.

We will start shipping out orders early to mid May

We always try to give a good assortment

Please Note! 

"We will only be taking a very limited number of orders for next year"

Breeder's Choice Turkey Poults, Price $9.99 each (Our choice only of what is available)

We do not accept international orders (this includes entry into Canada)We also do not ship to Hawaii.

A list of what you get will be included in the box.

We also do mark any with a specific color on their heads that are not easily identifiable by their natural markings, our packing list will explain our different markings.

Please read our poult ordering policy page before placing your order for more info.