Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

                                         Oregon Blue


 Oregon blues are basically a slate version of the Oregon gray, they have a white base plumage color with slate pigmentation about the edges of the feathers.  There is some slight barring in the wing feathers which appears as a mixing of slate and white without definition.

 At hatch, the Oregon blue poult has a yellow-slate gray down color with faint stripes on its head and back.





(Genotype: bb cgc Dd nn)

Which means bronze based with gray, white, slate and narragansett genes.

 When breeding these 7 results are produced: Oregon blue, dark blue, lavender blue, dark lavender blue, Oregon gray, dark gray and white.

If any happen to carry a (b') black winged bronze gene these additional results can be produced:  Royal palm, blue palm and lavender palm



 More pics to come