Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

                                  Pencilled Blue Palm


The pencilled blue palm has a royal palm pattern with the added feature of unusual vertical swirly patterns running all throughout their feathers. They range from just blue and white to a medium rusty blue tricolor with this pattern.    

       Genotype is b1b1cgcgDd/DDngngpnpnRr (tricolor type) or b1b1cgcgDd/DDngngpnpn (blue & white variation)

 They are a black winged bronze based bird with gray, slate, narragansett, pencilling and with or without a single red gene.  They breed 100% true to the pencilled pattern.

But due to the nature of the slate gene, when breeding pencilled blue palms together 3 color types will be produced, pencilled blue palm, pencilled lavender palm and a regular pencilled palm.

When breeding birds with red genes in the mix even more variations can be produced. These include tricolor pencilled palm, tricolor pencilled blue palm, tricolor pencilled lavender palm and a pencilled red palm.

Approx. mature weights: Toms 25 lbs. Hens 13 lbs.