Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

            Pencilled Palm Turkeys


This variety was developed a few years ago and have since became much more widely known. The Pencilled palm has a royal palm pattern with the added feature of unusual vertical swirly patterns running all throughout their feathers. They range from just black and white to a medium rusty red tricolor with this pattern.                                                                                                      Genotype is b1b1cgcgngngpnpnRr (tricolor type) or b1b1cgcgngngpnpn (black & white type)

 They are a black winged bronze based bird with palm, narragansett,pencilling and with or without a single red gene.  They breed 100% true to the pencilled pattern ,occasionally producing a red version as well. Which we have named "Pencilled Red Palm".

Approx. mature weights: Toms 25 lbs. Hens 13 lbs. 






          Closeup detail of the feather patterns 



     Various color shades of the day old Pencilled Palm Poult




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