Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

This is a reference page for general color genetic information, also should be a great help with running the color calculator with most all the info on a single page.

I am in no way finished with this so will add more as I find the time.



                     bb  ee                               bb e-





Black Winged Bronze



Blue Palm

b'b' cgcg Dd nn                       b'b' cgcg Dd n-


Blue Red Bronze

bb Dd Rr 


Bourbon Red

bb rr 






BB ee                              BB e-


 Chocolate Dapple

            BB cgc ee nn                  BB cgc e- n-


  Chocolate Palm

      b'b' cgcg ee nn                 b'b' cgcg e- n-


 Chocolate Slate

   BB Dd ee                             BB Dd e-


                                               Fall Fire

 b'b' cgcg Rr


                            Golden Narragansett

              bb nn Rr                               bb n- Rr


 Harvest Gold

b'b' Rr


 Jersey Buff

 BB rr



bb DD


Mottled Black

     Bb' cgcg nn                  Bb' cgcg n-


Mottled Chocolate

     Bb' cgcg ee nn                         Bb' cgcg e- n-



bb nn                         bb n-



bb spsp


 Oregon Blue

bb cgc Dd nn            bb cgc Dd n-


Oregon Brown

bb cgc ee nn                      bb cgc e- n-


Oregon Gray

bb cgc nn                 bb cgc n-


Pencilled Palm

b'b' cgcg nn pnpn        b'b' cgcg n- pnpn


Tri Color Pencilled Palm

b'b' cgcg nn Rr pnpn      b'b' cgcg n- Rr pnpn


Pencilled Blue Palm

b'b' cgcg Dd nn pnpn  (Male)

b'b' cgcg Dd n- pnpn (Female)


 Pencilled Chocolate Palm

b'b' cgcg ee nn pnpn        b'b' cgcg e- n- pnpn


Pencilled Red Palm

b'b' cgcg nn rr pnpn (Male)

b'b' cgcg n- rr pnpn (Female)


 Recessive Slate

bb slsl


Red Bronze

bb Rr


 Red Palm

b'b' cgcg nn rr            b'b' cgcg n- rr


Red Slate

bb Dd 


Regal Red

b'b' rr


Royal Palm

b'b' cgcg nn                 b'b' cgcg n- 


 Self Buff

b'b' ee nn rr                       b'b' e- n- rr


Silver Auburn

bb ee nn                          bb e- n-


Silver Dapple

BB cgc nn                     BB cgc n-





Self Blue (aka Lavender)




b'b' cgcg


Tiger Bronze 

b'b' Ccg pnpn



Bronze base = bb cc

Black base = BB cc

Black Winged Bronze base = b'b' cc 

Marbled Slate 

BB cgcg Dd nn              BB cgcgDd n-


Marbled Black

BB cgcg nn                    BB cgcg n-

Frosted Oregon Gray

bb cgc nn RR            bb cgc n- Rr


Recessive Blue

BB slsl 


Blue Narragansett

bb Dd nn                                 bb Dd n- 


Dark Blue (aka Blue Moon)  

bb cgcg Dd nn               bb cgcg Dd n-


 Light Red

b'b' Ccg rr



Creme Tipped Buff

b'b' ee rr              b'b' e- rr 


Lavender Palm

   b'b' cgcg DD nn              b'b' cgcg DD n- 


Bourbon Buff Brown

bb ee nn rr                    bb e- n- rr 


  Rusty Brown

Bb ee Rr                       Bb e- Rr


Rusty Black

Bb Rr


Bb' Rr


Golden Phoenix

b'b' Ccg nn Rr                b'b' Ccg n- Rr



b'b' cgcg nn Rr                     b'b' cgcg n- Rr


Silver-tipped Black

BB nn                           BB n-



Dark Gray (aka Moon)

bb cgcg nn         bb cgcg n-


Pencilled Fall Fire

b'b' cgcg Rr pnpn


Red Sweetgrass

b'b' cgcg rr


Black Winged Narragansett

b'b' nn                         b'b' n-


Blue Sweetgrass

b'b' cgcg Dd


Lavender Sweetgrass

b'b' cgcg DD


 Oregon Red

bb cgc nn rr                   bb cgc n- rr


Red Recessive Slate

bb Rr slsl


Mottled Slate

Bb' cgcg Dd nn             Bb' cgcg Dd n-

Barred Silver-tipped Black

Bb nn               Bb n-


Bb' nn                Bb' n-


Cross Narragansett (b' and cg carrier)

bb' Ccg nn                bb' Ccg n-


Tri Color Mottled Black

Bb' cgcg or Bb' Ccg


Cross Bronze (b1 and cg carrier)

bb' Ccg


Recessive Slate Lilac

bb rr slsl


Barred Chocolate

Bb ee                        Bb e-


Dark Brown

bb cgcg ee nn                   bb cgcg e- n-


Tiger Bronze  (Semi-Pencilled)

b'b' Ccg Pnpn

Barred Black




Blue Winged Red Bronze

b'b' Dd Rr


Dilute Blue Winged Red Bronze

b'b' Dd nn Rr                   b'b' Dd n- Rr



     Red Auburn

   bb ee Rr             bb e- Rr


Dilute Rusty Black

Bb nn Rr          Bb n- Rr


Bourbon Buff

bb nn rr                     bb n- rr


Chocolate Sweetgrass

b'b' cgcg ee            b'b' cgcg e-


Rusty Slate

                Bb/b' Dd Rr              


Rusty Lavender

Bb/b' DD Rr


Tri-color Pencilled Blue Palm

b'b' cgcg Dd nn Rr pnpn          b'b' cgcg Dd n- Rr pnpn


Jersey Buff Brown

BB ee rr                        BB e- rr



 Lavender Edged Bourbon Red

bb DD rr


Dilute Blue Red Bronze

bb Dd nn Rr              bb Dd n- Rr


Recessive Blue Narragansett

bb nn slsl                   bb n- slsl


         Blue Calico

b'b' cgcg Dd nn Rr                             b'b' cgcg Dd n- Rr



Tiger Blue

b'b' Ccg Dd pnpn


 Red Phoenix

b'b' Ccg Rr



Recessive Blue Palm

 b'b' cgcg nn slsl                     b'b' cgcg n- slsl


Barred Slate

Bb Dd


Bb' Dd


More to come !!!!!!!!!