Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Poult Ordering Policy

Please read this page entirely before placing your order

Please Note!

We do not accept international orders (this includes Canada)
or for entry into Hawaii.
 Requirements for number of poults ordered.
 Minimum order is 15 poults.
In our smallest boxes we can ship 15-20 poults, our next box size is a double which we can ship 30-40 poults, after that we have a 4 section box which we can ship 60-80 poults, then finally we have a 6 section box which we can ship 90-120 poults.  So please consider this when placing your order as if the number you order falls out of the min or max we can put in a particular size box we will not be able to ship them safely and we will either contact you to revise the order or just cancel it. 

The reason for the 15 poult minimum is so there is enough in the box to make sufficient body heat so they can keep each other warm enough to survive shipping. So when you place an order you may have to choose another variety or two to come up with the required number to ship. If you don't desire to place at least the minimum order of 15, we will not be able to accept your request.

All orders must be shipped, no exceptions.

Being  NPIP certified we must operate a closed facility to prevent the introduction of disease. For the safety of our birds and lively hood we do not allow visitors or poult pickups at our turkey operation. 


Please Note! We now require that you list substitutes when placing an order for any specific variety with us. So please give us a list of other varieties you will also accept so that we can include something else to fill your order just in case we come up a few short on a variety. We will not completely change your order, we just need to have a couple backup varieties or so you will accept just in case we come up a few short.

Our policy is primarily to help avoid long delays in shipping or us cancelling your order as not able to fill.

If you will not accept substitutes we reserve the right to refuse your order.


 Shipping Information: We will telephone and or e-mail you the day your birds are shipped so it is very important that you include your daytime and evening telephone numbers (if they are different) and your e-mail address on your order form (if you want us to use your e-mail address). We call in the evening to let you know they have been sent and the Postal Service calls during the day to let you know they have arrived at your Post Office. We will basically try to contact you first by telephone and will use the e-mail as a backup contact in case we can't reach you by phone. We do not call if we do not ship.



Shipping date:  There are absolutely no guarantees on a specific shipping date. 

 All dates given when you place your order are only estimates of the actual shipping date as we cannot guarantee any specific dates but we do our best to try and ship orders as close to proposed dates as possible, birds and weather willing.

  • All orders are booked subject to bad hatches,weather ect. Please be assured we do our best.

  • We ship from mid May thru September on either Mondays or Tuesdays (occasionally Wednesdays) of each hatch week. 

  • We always try to include a couple extra poults if possible to cover any losses that may unfortunately occur during transit.

  •  If there are any dates you cannot receive your poults (just away or going on a vacation ect.) please indicate this on your order, otherwise email or call us to let us know so we can mark this on your order, if you do not let us know dates you will be gone we cannot be held responsible for losses or your post office returning the shipment to us if you are not available to pick them up on the day of arrival.

  • Guarantees:
  • Poults MUST be picked up as soon as possible on the day of arrival at your post office otherwise any loss claims will be void.

  • We give a live healthy delivery guarantee for the day of arrival only. 
  • All poult shipments are sent insured so we will file a loss claim with the U.S.P.S. on any losses that may unfortunately occur, but neither we nor the postal service can be held responsible for any losses that occur after the day of arrival as there is just too many circumstances involved that could lead to losses.

  • If you do have any losses you must give us proof or we cannot file a loss claim with the U.S.P.S. 
  •     When you pick up your poults at your post office make sure to open the box before leaving and if there are any losses you must have a postal worker sign our loss claim form which will be included with the shipment confirming the  losses.

    If this is not done we cannot file a loss claim with the U.S.P.S. as without a postal employee verifying the loss the insurance claim will be denied for lack of proof.

    After doing this you will also need to get a picture of the dead poults, showing the mailing label as well all in the same picture.

    Send this form back to us by regular mail or you can send via email instead if you prefer. If you do not give us proof of losses your claim will be voided.

  • We only issue refunds on losses of $10 or more, anything less will be issued as a credit on a future order.
Cancellation policy:

If you cancel your order before eggs are set but after the order is booked there will be a 25% cancellation charge. 

However, once eggs are set, if you cancel the order you will forfeit your payment.


  • Shipping Charges
        Priority mail (1-3 day delivery)  Priority mail shipping charges are calculated at $1.75 per poult. Our shopping cart will add the appropriate charge when this shipping service is selected. If you are mailing in an order you will have to figure out the total shipping with the above figure per poult ordered. Express mail shipping (1-3 day delivery) will be an extra charge if you desire this service. Price starts at $52.5  for a 15 poult order.

Just a note about express mail shipping. Most of our shipments that have gone out by express mail take 1-3 days to arrive, and most all of our priority mail shipments made it in 1-2 days. 

So we are finding out that express mail is not always worth the extra cost that the USPS charges for it, but it's your choice of the shipping method you want to go with. 

Appropriate charges will be calculated in our shopping cart for the exact number of poults ordered when this shipping service is selected.


 Poult ordering reminders:

  • All orders must be received with full payment to be considered for booking. An order is not considered booked if you talk to us about it on the telephone, or send an e-mail telling us what you want. It will not be booked until we receive the payment. No exceptions!

  • We do accept orders by telephone at 260-243-1365 or by Internet.

  • We do accept credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express) also money orders, PayPal and personal or business checks.
  • All checks will have to clear before order can be shipped.

  • Make sure you include your phone number when placing an order so we can write it on the outside of the box so the post office can call you upon arrival for pickup.

  • Sexing: All day-old poults are sold as straight run only.  We do not sex any of the day olds.  Since we do not sell sexed poults, we have no control over what you receive as far as a male-female ratio. Ideally, it is supposed to be a 50-50 ratio, but it can vary from that.

            Quantities: The number in parentheses "( )" after the price of the poults indicates the maximum number of day olds available at one hatch. You can order as few as one of a particular variety. If you want more than the maximum number, you will either need to place two orders from two different hatches. Or contact us to see if we may be able to make an exception and fill your request in one shipment. By placing an order with us means you have read and agree to all of our terms listed above.If you do not agree with our terms please do not place an order with us. We reserve the right to refuse an order for any reason we see fit.