Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Recessive Slate

This is a pure, true breeding variety.

Approx. weights:
Mature toms 33-36 lbs.
Mature Hens 18-20 lbs.

Sold on a contract basis only!

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at orders@porterturkeys.com

Terms/ Buyer's Responsibility:The Buyer agrees to take good care of these birds, feed and house properly. Their shelter and any fenced in area must be secure. If found to be allowed to run freely, or found to be neglected, abused or allowed to live in poor health or poor conditions the Seller has all rights to demand repossession, resale or slaughter of these birds with no refund to the Buyer. The death, injury or loss of said animal(s) due to theft, carelessness, disease, recklessness, abuse, neglect, or accident will not entitle the Buyer to any compensation from the Seller. In the event the Buyer is unable to keep these birds for any reason, the Buyer agrees to either sell to a third party Buyer which is first approved by original Seller or slaughter the remaining birds. Buyer must agree to maintain pure breeding stock as originally purchased from Seller, absolutely no crossbreeding is allowed, if Buyer has other turkey varieties an enclosure(s) separate from other varieties will have to be maintained to prevent crossbreeding. Any birds produced must be wing or leg banded with a band that has a number to identify each individual bird. Buyer will give the band numbers and sex (when known) to original Seller which will be recorded in a registry that will be maintained by original Seller.Buyer agrees to limit breeding to only what can humanely be housed without overcrowding at below said property. When new bloodlines are desired Buyer agrees to purchase only from original Seller. When Buyer desires to sell breeding stock, (egg sales not allowed) third party Buyer will have to be first approved by the original Seller. The same contract will also be used for third party Buyers, This will be provided by the original Seller to the third party Buyer before any transactions can be made. Any extra birds that cannot be sold to an approved third party Buyer must be slaughtered or remain in possession of Buyer. 
If this contract is breached Buyer agrees to pay Seller $10,000 and destroy all birds involved carrying the recessive slate gene to prevent further damage caused to the preservation of this variety. Any changes to this contract must be in writing and signed by both parties. This contract is legally binding and may be enforced by legal means at the Buyers expense and all disputes must be settled in the state of the original Seller.

If you can agree to and abide by a contract with the above stipulations you will be approved to help in the conservation of this extremely rare variety with the recessive slate gene. Click on the add to order button below to place your order, a contract will be sent to you for your signature promptly after the order is placed. 

$24.99 each ( Max. Limit 15)