Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Regal Red Turkeys


The Regal Red was almost extinct. Fortunately, it had not completely disappeared. We can save it, improve it, and help it make a comeback. A Regal Red turkey is solid red with some markings. The outer red of the adult is approximately the same as the Bourbon Red; the body feathers of the Regal Red remain a lighter shade of red next to the skin.The Regal Red has NO white in the tail or wing feathers. Also, the tail feathers have a darker band near the end and a light band at the end of each feather. On the wing feathers of both the tom and the hen, there is some peppering of black.The tail feathers of the tom have a blackish/dark red band and then the light feather edging. The legs are reddish.

The Regal Red poult at hatch is light yellow to pure white and over a period of several months its new feathers gradually transform its outer color into a  solid red bird with the few feather accents noted above. 

 The Regal Red genotype is (b1b1rr) Homozygous for Black winged bronze and red. A true breeding variety

More breeders are seriously needed to insure the survival of the Regal Red.      Approx. mature weights: Toms 30 lbs. hens 15 lbs.                 






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