Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

         Silver Dapple Turkeys


Genotypes is on a heterozygous black/bronze base,with gray/white and homozygous for narragansett genes.

Genotype: Bb cgc nn

Due to their genetic makeup they do not breed true, besides Silver Dapple they produce Marbled Black, Oregon gray, dark gray and also White.


Another version of this is a Mottled Silver Dapple which is on a heterozygous black/black winged bronze base, with gray/white and homozygous for narragansett. This type will produce: Mottled Silver Dapple, Silver Dapple, Marbled Black, Mottled Black, Royal Palm and also White.

Genotype: Bb1 cgc nn



                                                        Silver Dapple day old poults  






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