Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Tiger Blue

The Tiger Blue has vertical tiger-like patterns running all throughout their tail feathers as well as in the wings and somewhat in the body.

They produce 9 results - Pencilled Blue Winged Lilac, Pencilled Blue Winged Red Slate, Pencilled Black Winged Bronze, Light Tiger Blue, Tiger Blue, Tiger Bronze, Pencilled Light Blue Sweetgrass, Pencilled Blue Sweetgrass and Pencilled Sweetgrass.

Please Note! We will do our best to put in as many tiger blues as possible in an order, some of these other results produced in the blue color can look similar at hatch so no guarantees on how many tiger blues you may actually get in an order.

Mature weights:  Toms 33 lbs  and hens 18 lbs.

$20 each (Limit 8)