Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

                               Tiger Bronze

Introducing the 

Tiger Bronze

Genotype b1b1Ccgpnpn

Black winged bronze based with the addition of a single gray (aka palm) and also homozygous for the pencilling genes.

Mature weights:  Toms 33 lbs  and hens 18 lbs. 

This variety is quite often mislabeled a pure black winged bronze (aka Crimson Dawn) (which actually doesn't carry the cg and pn genes) 

When breeding the Tiger Bronze three results occur- Tiger Bronze, Pencilled Sweetgrass and a Pencilled Black Winged Bronze.


See our black winged bronze  page to compare the differences between the two.


 Closeup feather detail of the tiger bronze



Young tiger bronze








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