Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Porter's Rare Heritage Turkeys

Turkey Poults for Sale 

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*** Booking poult orders for the 2023 shipping season ***

 Below are the varieties we are offering day old poults from for the 2023 season
"We may add a few more varieties later on once we know what we will have for additional breeding groups "

Estimated shipping date is now approx. "Late July" on most orders of specific varieties.

New orders coming in now that consist only of Chocolate, Painted varieties, Mottled bronze and Stippled black winged bronze may ship on our next hatch week of June 5, so place an order now for any one or combination of these and you will get your order very soon. But if you add something else that will delay the order so if you want a quick shipment choose only from these four listed above. 

Orders consisting of breeder's choice and or crosses ONLY will ship approx. "Late June"

Please Note! All dates given when you place your order are only estimates of the actual shipping date as we cannot guarantee any specific dates but we do our best to try and ship orders as close to proposed dates as possible, birds and weather willing.

All poults are hatched and shipped directly from our farm as we are the breeder. We have two small farms, one in N.E. Indiana with the second in S. C. Michigan.
We are family owned and operated, we consider ourselves a breeder, not a hatchery per say. 
Turkeys are all we do.
Kevin has 30+ years experience breeding turkeys, specializing in color genetics.
Our turkeys live very humane lives at our farms, during breeding season our groups are all separated to each variety but get to also have outside runs from the barns in each group to enjoy natural things like sun and greens. During the non-breeding season our groups are all broke up and they get to go back out on pasture to enjoy a very natural environment so they get a big reward after producing for us all season.

We do not accept international orders (this includes Canada)
or for entry into Hawaii.

Please Note! If there are any dates you cannot receive your poults (away or going on a vacation ect.) please indicate this on your order, otherwise email or call us to let us know so we can mark this on your order.

When ordering specific varieties you will have to be patient with us on a shipping date as it can sometimes be difficult to get the numbers you may want of each variety in a single hatch.


Requirements for number of poults ordered.
Minimum order is 15 poults.
In our smallest boxes we can ship 15-20 poults, our next box size is a double which we can ship 30-40 poults, after that we have a 4 section box which we can ship 60-80 poults, then finally we have a 6 section box which we can ship 90-120 poults.  So please consider this when placing your order as if the number you order falls out of the min. or max. we can put in a particular size box we will not be able to ship them safely and we will either contact you to revise the order or just cancel it. 

Please note that we also have limits on how many of each variety you can get so you may have to order more than one variety to make the 15 minimum to ship. These limits will be listed on each variety order page that you click on below.

>> Day old poult prices are $20 each unless marked otherwise below <<

Please read our
with our terms of business before placing your order 

Being NPIP certified we must operate a closed facility to prevent the introduction of disease. For the safety of our birds and business we do not allow anyone to visit or pick up orders at our farm. All orders must be shipped.
 No exceptions so please do not ask.

We also do not offer eggs, poult orders only

Click directly on an image to order and for more info.


Oregon Gray

Pencilled Palm



Grizzled Black Painted

       Chocolate Painted  


Recessive Lilac

Recessive Slate



Mottled Bronze

(AKA Stippled Bronze)

"New for 2023"

Stippled Black Winged Bronze

"New for 2023"

 White Holland

($15 each)


Black Winged Bronze

Recessive Blue Narragansett

Tiger Bronze


Breeder's Choice Varieties

$15 each 

Our choice only of what varieties are available at time of hatch)

But we always try to include a good color assortment. 
A packing list will be included with each shipment stating what was sent, we also put colored marks on the heads of some varieties not easily identifiable by their natural color/patterns. 

Some of the varieties that could be included in this assortment are Chocolate, Fall Fire, Painted, Chocolate Painted, Grizzled Black Painted, Pencilled Palm, Oregon Gray,  Recessive Slate, Recessive Lilac, Recessive Blue Narragansett, Royal Palm, Stippled Black Winged Bronze, Stippled Bronze, Sweetgrass, Tiger Bronze, Tiger Blue and White. 
Each order could include an assortment of some or all of these varieties depending on the number your order. 

Please do not specify which varieties you want in this assortment or we reserve the right to cancel your order.


Assorted Crosses 

$10 each

This assortment could be a very colorful mix from the crosses we get out of some of our experimental groups as well as some from our regular varieties as well that do not breed 100% true. 

We always try to put in a good assortment of colors.